Louisiana Branch of the International Dyslexia Association


LaBIDA was chartered in 1987 as the Louisiana Dyslexia Society in order to increase public awareness of dyslexia, and became a branch of the Orton Dyslexia Society in 1991, followed by a name change in 1997 to incorporate the new name of the organization - IDA.

A variety of professionals, parents, and adults with dyslexia comprise the all-volunteer Board, representing all of Louisiana and sections of Mississippi. Many of the Board's members are actively involved in the diagnosis and remediation of dyslexia and believe that all individuals have the right to achieve their potential, that individual learning abilities can be strengthened, and that educational, social, and cultural barriers to language acquisition and use must be removed. The Board actively promotes effective teaching practices and related educational intervention strategies for individuals with dyslexia and is committed to the dissemination of research-based knowledge that supports multi-sensory structured language teaching.

The Branch does not maintain an office, but it does maintain a hotline, 985-414-2575, for information, sponsors, conferences, workshops, a speaker's bureau, and other public information events in addition to publishing a newsletter twice a year. Through the years, LaBIDA has developed a strong collaborative network with related organizations throughout the state.

You can get involved by joining the International Dyslexia Association or by calling 410-296-0232 or follow this membership link. The benefits of membership include: access to a national network of learning disability professionals, a subscription to the Branch newsletter, discounts on publications and conferences, and a subscription to IDA Perspectives on Dyslexia, a quarterly periodical, and Annals of Dyslexia.

The International Dyslexia Association's annual conferences and seminars offer an excellent educational opportunity for parents, educators, and professionals.


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